Teri Cigar Company: Going Out of Business

The decades-old downtown Santa Ana business Teri Cigar Company near First and Main streets is going out of business. The heirs to the business posted the following notice on their Facebook page. They blame ever-increasing taxes and government, likely  regulations for their demise.


May 9, 2014
Friends and Customers,

We here at Teri Cigar Company would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers and friends for your past support. We have truly enjoyed providing you with our fresh, hand-rolled cigars during all these years.

However, after 43 years in business we have decided to close down; as of April 30th our doors will be closed for ever. It was a difficult decision because this business was started by our father in 1971. He wanted to provide his customers with the famous Cuban, hand-rolled, cigar experience as he did in his home country – so he established The Teri Cigar Company. Throughout the years his loyal customers became his friends. Several years later our father brought us in to continue his legacy. He trained us in the Cuban-style of rolling cigars. And then we enthusiastically took over the business.

We are deeply saddened to come to this conclusion, but unfortunately the numerous government regulations and ever-increasing taxes have made it practically impossible for us to continue and remain profitable.


Tony and Franky


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