Chivas USA is Coming to Santa Ana

And no, it’s not the kind in a bottle to clear that up.

But it’s not the first team, that is, the Major League Soccer squad. So worry not, NIMBYS, Downtown Inc lackeys, cybertrolls, cyberbullies, etc, etc, etc.

Instead, we’ll see a newly-formed Orange County branch of the Chivas USA Youth Academy, presided by first team Chivas USA player Jorge Villafaña, who is the first ever Sueño MLS Winner. As some of you may know Villafaña was born in Anaheim and played in Santa Ana growing up.


The Chivas USA Orange County Academy is set to kickoff its inaugural season in the CalSouth league at Santa Ana Stadium on September 6. In preparation for the season, Chivas USA held a preseason match on Tuesday night, August 27th at Santa Ana Stadium, against a local squad Pumas Santa Ana.


For updates on the Chivas USA Orange County Academy, follow me on Twitter @ChivasNation, @ChivatownPost, or @SaintCitySoccer.

Also, along these lines, your local boy (yours truly) will begin contributing Chivas game previews to The Guardian, starting this Friday morning. Yes, The Guardian. Of England. Of Manchester. Of London. Of Planet Earth.

AND, do not, do not miss the latest What the Flock?! podcast where yours truly chimes in on all matters of the Chivas Nation (Chivas Guadalajara + Chivas USA).

Until next time.

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