For iOS 7, Apple Needs More Than Game Controllers to Win Gaming


The sleeper game news out of WWDC last week was that Apple plans to fold actual Apple-baked game controller support into iOS 7 as well as OS X 10.9. Alas, it doesn’t entail an Apple-crafted controller, only third-party licensed game controller support, and yes, iOS already has game controller support courtesy Bluetooth; the difference in iOS 7 involves Apple’s new developmental guidelines and an API that goes hand-in-glove with Apple-blessed products from gamepad-makers like Logitech and Moga. Word from sites like Pocket Gamer is that the new controllers should be available this fall, around the time iOS 7 hits.

We’ve even seen semi-detailed mockups of the controllers, laid out by Apple in its iOS prerelease developer library: a wraparound iPhone 5 shell harboring a d-pad, dual analog thumbsticks and both face and shoulder buttons (that’s it above) as well as a traditional wireless gamepad, presumably angled toward OS X gaming…

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