Little mariachi singer Sebastien de la Cruz responds to Twitter bullies

Sebastien de la Cruz will sing the National Anthem for the NBA Finals again tonight. Take that bigots.

NBC Latino

A San Antonio boy’s beautiful rendition of the national anthem has sparked some ugly comments online.

Sebastien De La Cruz sang the national anthem at Game 3 of the NBA Finals Tuesday night in a mariachi outfit. So how is the 11-year-old handling the twitter bullies? He’s paying them no mind.

It wasn’t planned that Sebastien would sing the anthem at the game, but he was brought in when Darius Rucker couldn’t get to the game in time.

Sebastien first captured hearts on “America’s Got Talent.” The 11-year-old San Antonio native also impressed the NBA.

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“He said ‘Oh well, you are doing the national anthem,'” Sebastien told us. “And my dad called me, and I was like ‘Yes!'”

And he planned to use his talent to wish the Spurs luck.

“It was amazing,” said Sebastien. “And…

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