Who Really Knows Tacos?

Martha Chapa does. She’s the author of Los tacos de México: bienvenidos al paraíso del sabor.

I saw this book at last year’s LéaLA: Feria del libro en español de Los Ángeles (this year’s fair ends this Sunday), but passed up buying it. I went to day one of the fair yesterday and looked and looked for this book but couldn’t find a copy.* Instead, I stumbled upon the Editorial Ink booth, and an old friend Marcial Fernández who is doing marketing for them. This company publishes Spanish language ebooks through iBooks, Google Play and more, and they carry Los tacos de México. Even better.

I thought that because this is a book published in Mexico, and because books like these are harder to come by nowadays (Librería Martínez is not cutting it anymore, they used to have great and rare titles by the Fondo de Cultura Económica for example), it would be near impossible to buy this or any other book at a fair domestic rate, without having to pay a huge shipping fee.

Now it’s easy for more and more people to have access to this book and learn from a real connoisseur.

Los tacos de México is available as an ebook through iBooks and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

*On a side note, I picked up these books on day one yesterday: Visiones sonoras: entrevistas con compositores, solistas y directores, Canto roto: Silvestre Revueltas, Fandango: el ritual del mundo jarocho a través de los siglos, Jalisco coral: arreglos de temas populares, and Artes de México no. 97: Música de la Independencia a la Revolución. I always end up buying music literature, mostly, but I’ve brought back many non music related books the past two years.


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