Editor’s Desk: Off to Soccer Newsday

I’m very pleased to announce that I’m joining the SoccerNewsday.com team to cover all things Chivas USA in a column called Chivas Nation.

Keep up with real time game updates at Twitter.

I’d like to thank Herb Scribner, Collegiate Correspondent at USA Today and Editor of Soccer Newsday for reaching out and allowing me this opportunity.

Oh, but I’ll still be chiming in on all things Santa Ana. This blog is here to stay until or if I ever decide to relaunch or rebrand.

Go to Chivas Nation at SoccerNewsday.com for reviews and developments. Psst, remember when Chivas was testing the possibility of moving to Santa Ana? Well that is, in fact, NOT off the table.

I’m kicking things off this weekend with coverage of the Chivas USA – FC Dallas game this Sunday. Game time is 2 pm. The game will be televised on UniMás and online with a seasonal or monthly subscription to MLS Live.

This is your Santa Ana Chivas USA Insider signing off.


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