Telcel Debuts in the U.S., Campaigns in Santa Ana


Telcel América phones and prepaid monthly use cards ($45 and $60 for unlimited international voice and text) are currently available at the Wal Mart on McFadden & Harbor. Telcel América is also available at Santa Ana Radio Shack stores.


The Mexican cellular networks brand Telcel debuts in the United States under the name Telcel America.

Telcel is a brand of América Móvil, one of Latin America’s leading cellular services providers, owned by the world’s wealthiest man, Carlos Slim.

América Móvil already has a years-long presence in the US through its brand Tracfone, a prepaid calling service.

Telcel is campaigning in Santa Ana starting with a billboard on Fairview and Edinger streets, near Centennial Park.

Telcel allows Mexican nationals in the US to contact family in Mexico through prepaid calling services to Mexican wireless lines and landlines. Telcel calls from the US into Mexico are considered “in network.”

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