This is Santa Ana, Not “the OC”

This is Santa Ana, not “the OC.”

Not knowing your place when in Santa Ana, and referring to this place as “the OC” is an affront. Some people still think it’s taboo to mention the name Santa Ana but this is a disservice to the city’s name and brand.

I overheard someone over a cellphone conversation at the Starbucks on 17th & Grand say, “I’m in the OC right now.” I know, because you still think its taboo to mention the Santa Ana name.

Most probably don’t know that “the OC” term was created by Angeleno television producers. Yup. But wait, isn’t it an “OC” mantra to disassociate with anything LA? “We are not LA!,” said an angry “the OC” dweller. The creator of the series, Josh Schwartz, is not even a native of Orange County, or of California.

Local arts person Don Cribb said at a city council meeting awhile back that there was a time when people flew into Santa Ana (airport code SNA) but refused to even mention the name, instead opting for (cough, cough … ick) Orange County. Guess what? That is still the case today and it is being perpetuated by our own city council. “Downtown Orange County?” Huh? Where else on the planet is there a “Downtown County?”

Interchanging “OC” and Santa Ana harms the Santa Ana name, brand and reputation. But years ago, the city council was in a hurry to jump on “the OC” fad and bandwagon and thought that associating with that brand was somehow going to work wonders. Well guess what, now you have Santa Ana businesses that market precisely to “the OC,” which represents a demographic that Santa Ana is not. Some businesses are still ashamed to use the name Santa Ana.

Let’s see, there’s the Boiling Crab “South Coast Metro,” that initially said it was in Costa Mesa, The Observatory OC, OCCCA, OCHSA etc. I just want to see more businesses and organizations located in Santa Ana not be ashamed to use the Santa Ana name.

Some reporters have gone as far as making up an airport code for our airport, calling it JWA. The airport’s correct code is SNA because it is located in Santa Ana. So to all of you regional reporters, when referring to this place and its airport, please report with factual specificity.

Add to this the embarrassing incidents happening in Yorba Linda, and countywide, and there’s even more reason to disassociate with “the OC” brand. If you read the article I linked to you’ll see that some spokesperson denies that racism happens in what he / she refers to as “the OC.”

Bravo, “the OC” you are truly astounding. Way to keep it classy.


3 thoughts on “This is Santa Ana, Not “the OC”

  1. Santa Ana has changed for the better and keeps on moving forward. I live in Santa Ana which is the OC. I work in Santa Ana, also part of the OC. Nothing wrong with that. I feel Santa Ana has surpassed the OC brand, and reset the bar as the most unique, hip, just enough grit, urban city bursting with art and culture. All cities in Orange County should be proud to say they are in the same county as Santa Ana.

    1. Santa Ana is over a century older than “the OC” fad. You go and watch “the OC” all over again and tell me just how much Santa Ana is like “the OC.” You make me laugh. Then you can go and watch “the real housewives of OC” and try to relate Santa Ana with that and find your effort futile. Santa Ana is most definitely not “the OC” even if there are some newly arrived in Santa Ana that are trying to create pockets that are “the OC” like. To try to treat and view Santa Ana as “the OC” is wishful thinking.

      1. You probably feel brave slinging insults behind your cowardly alias don’t you? Carry on with your wishful thinking you’re not going to be convinced otherwise.

        And no, hipsters are not the salvation of Santa Ana you self-righteous, cowardly schmuck.

        Oh, and you are hereby banned from spewing verbiage at this blog.

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