City of Santa Ana Election 2012 Endorsements

People and political parties have made up their minds about who they want to see elected and their endorsements are out. Never mind waiting to hear what a candidate has to say, like for example, at the upcoming Santa Ana election debate scheduled to happen on September 12 at the Rancho Santiago Community College District Board Room (because when I think openness and transparency and connecting to the public, I think the RSCCD Board Room) at 7pm.

Just how the “OC Dems” can get behind a guy like Benavides, who nearly helped sell the Santora arts building to his church and is in favor of the PBID is beyond me. But maybe it’s best explained when realizing that the “OC Dems” are out of touch with Santa Ana.

The Santa Ana Sentinel endorses the following:

City of Santa Ana:

Mayor: Miguel Pulido

Continuity is still the order of the day. There simply is no better option, yet again, for the mayor’s office. Pulido is vastly popular and his time as mayor is proof of that. Benavides is an incognito without the track record or popularity of Pulido. To be fair, Benavides was an incognito until his true colors shone through when he nearly had a hand in the sale of the Santora arts building to his church. Now he’s come out in favor of the PBID, showing his true colors.

Ward 1: Vincent Sarmiento

Sarmiento has emerged from all of the dust concerning scandals like Benavides almost having a hand in the sale of the Santora to his church or Bustamante’s suspicion of subordinate abuse, unscathed. He appears to be the most shrewd and maybe calculating, in addition to Pulido.

Ward 3: Eric Alderete

The word is that he’s supportive of the arts, although during this election year, all candidates are supportive of the arts and they’ll (Benavides) say what artists want to hear. There’s a bit of common rhetoric in his platform at his website though. Every candidate wants to create jobs so my question to him is, how exactly do you intend to work towards creating jobs? He’s a corporate lawyer who worked for US Bank and looks good on paper to business folks, and he has some background in small business development. So the obvious question is how will that experience be applied to Santa Ana?

The answer: He can start by starting one of those small business financial centers (sounds like another bank, hope not) that he touts on his website, in Santa Ana. Because the “Orange County Small Business Development Center” over on Broadway by the RSCCD headquarters is not serving Santa Ana satisfactorily in my opinion.

Ward 5: Karina Onofre

This is a strategic endorsement because of Benavides’s intention to create a council in his favor. He’s allied with council members Martínez, and now Tinajero apparently, and he wants his buddy Román Reyna in there as another guaranteed vote. If Benavides becomes mayor, that will leave Ward 4 open for a newly appointed councilperson, obviously one favored by the would-be new power structure.

Checks and balances people, checks and balances.

But really, there’s no good option in Ward 5. Who’s to say that Onofre won’t go along with everyone else? It’s been said that she flip flopped on her party registration.

I would’ve have voted for Zeke Hernández for this ward if he had turned in papers. I’m told that he pulled but them but decided not to run.


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