In Anaheim and Santa Ana, Similar Problems

While Anaheim is in the national spotlight for its recent troubles, Santa Ana shares the same problems with it.

First, there is the case of citywide elections

Santa Ana also has citywide elections like Anaheim. In Santa Ana there are shameless attempts at getting elected just by using one’s Spanish surname. Current candidate Karina Onofre knows this well. That’s why, even though she’s running the for Ward 5 seat, she posts banners in other parts of town that aren’t in her ward.

She, and those that support her, are betting on getting that citywide Latino vote. It’s downright shameless.

Ward-specific elections would keep aspiring political candidates honest in both cities.

Secondly, there is the case of a federal crackdown on marijuana dispensaries

Santa Ana has recently, and shockingly, seen a stark rise in the number of marijuana dispensaries this year. Never before have there been so many dispensaries across town, and the rate at which they are sprouting is alarming.

Yet, while Anaheim is in the national spotlight and city officials feel like they need to do something to address their recent problems, Santa Ana shares their same exact problems although this city is not garnering national attention.

The Feds need to crackdown on the booming marijuana dispensaries in Santa Ana while they’re focusing on Anaheim, and, citywide elections need to be eliminated in both cities so that the immediate needs of each ward in each city are addressed. This will, undoubtedly, keep politicians honest and it will have them cater their platforms to the specific needs of the wards that they’re supposed to represent.


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