Proposal to Limit Council Term Limits is Missing

Santa Ana city council voted to place a measure limiting mayoral term limits on the upcoming November ballot, but forgot to put themselves in check. That’s right, a Santa Ana city council member can stay in an elected position (three four-year terms) longer than the President of the United States.

Once elected, council members are surely not going to give up their positions of comfort on the council. After all, this is “an incumbent town,” according to one opportunist and sycophant.

The continuity of a city council is important at times, but the concept of checks and balances is being forgotten in Santa Ana. I can’t imagine twelve years of stymieing, conservative politics at city hall, politics that could literally derail some of the projects coming down the pipe.

We have an opportunity to bring back light rail to Santa Ana but there are some voices that have qualified this project as “trolley folly,” you know who you are. “Why not put in some gondolas,” said another.

So to you moderate (more like right-leaning) “Democrats” on the council, get a clue already. We can’t have subservient Democrats and certainly not for twelve years.

A better solution, instead of asking yourselves to put yourselves in check, is to have voters put you in check. Or better yet, have voters get engaged and vote you out, sycophants and all.


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