Eibar Coffee to Host Workshop for Community Arts

Eibar Coffee in the Downtown will host a Workshop for Community Arts on August 4th, 11th and 18th.

The workshop is organized by Adriana Alexander of the Workshop for Community Arts. The theme on August 4th is to brainstorm ideas and responses to two questions: What do you see in Santa Ana that others do not see? What do you love about Santa Ana but have never told anyone?

The next two Saturdays will be devoted to making “guidebooks” for the city out of cardboard led by a renowned cartonera artist from Puerto Rico. The workshop is 12:00-2:30pm with a reception to follow nearby.

About The Workshop for Community Arts

Mission: The Workshop for Community Arts (WCA) is a community-based and artist-run organization located in Santa Ana that facilitates creative workshops, projects, and events. With expertise in creative writing, visual art, music, and community organizing, we use our experience, resources, and craft to engage in collaborative art-making and create opportunities for people to share their stories.


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