Where Does Santa Ana End and Costa Mesa Begin?

The Boiling Crab is set to expand into Santa Ana but they’re advertising themselves as opening up in Costa Mesa. They’re opening up near the corner of MacArthur and Bear streets, where the old Flakey Jake’s used to be.

To say they’re moving to Costa Mesa is false advertising, to say the least.

For those who don’t know, Costa Mesa begins south of Sunflower street, but the new Boiling Crab is well north of Sunflower. South Coast Plaza Village is on the Santa Ana side of Sunflower, and the new Boiling Crab is more north of the village, again, at MacArthur.

This isn’t the first time that a business north of Sunflower advertises itself as being in Costa Mesa. Years ago there was a suit shop near Bristol and Callen’s Common that advertised as being in Costa Mesa. Former councilmember Alberta Christy pointed this out to them so kudos to her for doing so.

It’s a shame that in 2012 and after the great strides that this city has made that there are businesses or people that still hold stigmatized views of Santa Ana.

The Boiling Crab needs to take a page from Antonello’s Ristorante at South Coast Plaza Village, which offers a five-star dining experience and knows its place, in Santa Ana, in comparison to the bib-wearing experience brought by The Boiling Crab.


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