The Saucedo Murals, Phase 2

Santa Ana artist Francisco B. Saucedo was recently given a go ahead to resume work on two murals at Willard Intermediate that were originally set to be completed in early January, and to begin work on two more that are part of a second phase.

Phase 2 consists of a mural featuring Cal State Fullerton’s crest, library and mascot, and another mural with similar content for UC Irvine. These follow the pattern set in the Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology murals of the first phase.

The mural projects at Willard Intermediate, which were originally set to total six murals to be done in three phases, will conclude with the second phase. The project was nearly derailed by a bureaucratic process involving teachers and other district persons, but higher-ups in the SAUSD gave Willard Intermediate principal Armando Ayala the support he sought. The new principal Ayala has faced resistance from teachers who do not want to undergo teacher evaluations. He’s also faced the will of some teachers to turn Willard into a charter school.

The murals brought in by Ayala are part of improvements to Willard Intermediate. Ayala, who grew up in Santa Ana, was brought in to turn around the school after having success turning a school around in northern California.


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