Genki Sushi Opens Today at the MainPlace

Genki Sushi, one of Japan’s leading sushi restaurants according to Westfield MainPlace, opens today on the first level near the JC Penny.

It’s worth noting that this Genki is the first in all of California.

At first sight, the place strikes you as more authentic than some other take out sushi places or dine in spots like the Geisha House. This is a restaurant and not your over the counter sushi place so be prepared to tip.

Hopefully this one fares better than the one (see, I forgot it’s name already) that was in between the Hawaiian Express, that’s been in business since the mall opened in 1987 or 88, and the Hot Dog on a Stick, that’s also been in business since then.

All we need is a sushi spot in the downtown, and no, the Bento House, at the Arcade on Main Street in between Santa Ana Blvd. and 5th Street, doesn’t count. We need one open at night. Ehem, Ward 2 representative, hello?

More info at


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