The Multicultural Approach to Socialization in Contrast to the Monocultural Approach

The multicultural method to socialization identifies five personality types. These are:

The cultural eclectic – a type with a wide view of the world with multiple tastes, is, at least, bilingual but may speak more than two languages.

The cultural incorporator – a type that incorporates or balances one culture with another. Is bilingual.

The cultural shifter – a type that shifts from a culture of origin to a new one. Loses traits of the original culture.

The cultural resister – a type that resists adapting to a new culture.

The cultural transmuter – a type that shows no traits of two dominant cultures but instead forms a type of sub culture.

Statistics show that in the case of Mexican-Americans, eclectics and incorporators are higher achievers. These traits are most commonly found at the first and second generational levels. Shifting starts to occur at the second and third generational levels. The multicultural approach values acculturation over assimilation.

The monocultural approach only goes so far as to view and evaluate one person by the amount of assimilation acquired. In the other words, the more one shifts, the better. This is a view I disagree with completely. This view values assimilation over acculturation.


One thought on “The Multicultural Approach to Socialization in Contrast to the Monocultural Approach

  1. I agree with your assessment. I feel the monocultural approach in diverse communities or regions is largely motivated by the threat it presents for demagogues who wish to implement policy and exercise rule that is rigid, unchallenged, and that offers little, if any, open forum to ideas outside the norms sold to citizens by their media allies.

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