Debunking Arellano

Here at my blog, overtime, I’ve accumulated a number of criticisms of the sensationalist, perpetuator of stereotypes and paid hero antagonist Gustavo Arellano.

Arellano likes to think of himself as a “voice of the voiceless.” He’ll pretend to champion the causes of gays, immigrants and the people of Santa Ana in general. But the hero antagonist is not like these people that he pretends to champion. He’s not struggling like immigrants, instead, he’s sitting pretty at the OC Weekly. He certainly doesn’t speak their language as well as they do. He’s supposedly the guy to turn to when it comes to things Mexican. Ask a Mexican? This “Mexican” went on the Colbert Report television show and revealed his ineptitude with the Spanish language by mispronouncing the word paciencia. Simply put, he is not like them no matter how hard he tries to be el tipo buena onda.

How can he ask for people to think of “occupying Harrah,” that is, occupying the proposed site of construction for One Broadway Plaza and yet be a returning customer at the Santora, specifically Memphis? What is this “call” if not sensationalism? And what is it if not a contradiction? These properties, the Santora and the proposed One Broadway Plaza, are owned and managed by Mike Harrah’s companies. He knows this better than anybody.

The hero antagonist is no different than another sensationalist, Carlos Mencia, who uses derogatory language to get and keep attention, words like “wab,” “beaner” etc. I hate these words and have always hated them. If it’s not his handlers at the OC Weekly who ask him to pour on the sensationalism and racist slurs, then the sensationalism and racism comes from his own twisted mind.

What does José González Solorio, another Santa Ana Sentinel voice have to say?

Exploiting the intricacies of an already marginalized ‘minority’ group for personal gain


Doing it with a premeditated sensationalist slant that is continually inflammatory for the sake of being inflammatory, that tends to employ the use of remote facts or occurrences to substitute for the development of an argument, whose tactics bear negligible difference from those of your everyday, run-of-the-mill supermarket tabloid, and whose brand of journalism cumulatively merits a reader’s yellow stamp of disapproval, rendering it more show than substance.


Maintaining a trademark grin of self-satisfaction about it all the while


OC Success

Got it.

Selected articles for further debunking:

Ask Another Mexican…!

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In Defense of the Santa Ana City Council

A Criticism of El Centro


4 thoughts on “Debunking Arellano

  1. Not only that, but we used to rent our office from Mike Harrah when we were in Santa Ana! Oh, the hypocrisy when we’d slam him for trying to corrupt Santa Ana politics, then disclose we’re his tenants!

  2. I never thought I’d be driven to come to Gustavo’s defense twice in the same week, but really, there’s nothing hypocritical about full disclosure. That’s kind of the antithesis of hypocrisy.

    It’s okay to be suspect of One Broadway Plaza and also enjoy Memphis– the two ventures are completely unrelated (your attempt to connect them by virtue of the fact that Harrah owns the building that Memphis rents in is quite a stretch). I personally don’t give a crap about One Broadway Plaza in theory, but I have to question the wisdom of developing such a large commercial property when so much commercial space in OC is vacant.

    The idea of “occupying” the site was definitely sensationalistic and, embarrassingly for Gus, premature– but really, this seething screed is equally as off-putting. Try getting your point across without attacking people personally and you might transcend the usual white noise of the other ax-grinding bloggers in Santa Ana.

    1. Arellano needs a dose of his own medicine. Before you defend him and tell me what to do, read up on his personal attacks aimed at me in other posts here.

      He should really think and act consistently, according to that mantra, that rage against the machine. Anyone consuming at the Santora pays into Mike Harrah’s companies. But Arellano and co. use a tone and a slant to vilify him and that project.

      If he were truly anti big corporation like his buddies at rage against the machine and others say they are, he shouldn’t pay into the Santora. FYI I’ve come across people that have come out of “El Centro Cultural” complaining about the existence of a place like Lola Gaspar, questioning why I consume there. Verily, that person who questioned me and complained was an example of a successful brainwash.

      He later came to his senses as I saw him consuming there, surprisingly.

      It’s good to know that you don’t give a crap about a proposal that will create 2900 jobs, and thank you for reading.

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