Gustavo Arellano: Hero Antagonist

Gustavo Arellano is a paid antagonist. It turns out that he’s even become a hero to some. His whole existence is dependent on being that antagonist and making that buck off of it. Never before has this been more true than now that he’s some high-ranking editor / smut peddler at the OC Weekly.

The OC Weekly, a smut peddler’s paradise.

Just the other day Arellano, in his role of Hero Antagonist, made a call for his fans to “occupy Harrah” in reference to what he thought was the beginning of ground breaking on One Broadway Plaza. Andrew Galvin of the Santa Ana Register corrected him and informed others that the heavy machinery at the proposed site of construction came from the demolition taking place at El Sol Academy, a chartered elementary school, that is currently expanding.

Arellano pretends to defend Santa Ana from its politicians and business interests because he still subscribes to, or is brainwashed by, the idea of a “Rage Against the Machine.” Verily, his ideas, whether genuine or not, come from sympathizing with a rock group of the same name, a group that proved to have no staying power, and one that existed only to CAPITALIZE on the uprising in Chiapas, the EZLN and Subcomandante Marcos.

That trend faded, and so did the “rage against the machine.” Or did it? It appears that Arellano is its spiritual successor.

Even if his “eyes and ears” on the ground in Santa Ana have told him that I share a space at 410 B. West Fourth, it is his job to be the Hero Antagonist, no matter how unreasonable he proves to be.

Arellano doesn’t have a clue about what’s good for Santa Ana, and even if he did, it’s his job to antagonize any proposals and solutions that people may have for Santa Ana.


3 thoughts on “Gustavo Arellano: Hero Antagonist

  1. Gustavo and I were once good friends but he didn’t like that I settled things with Mayor Pulido, after we elected an all-Latino City Council that has, for the most part, done good things. They even got rid of City Manager Dave Ream – the real villain in our city for so many years.

    If Pulido ever turns on our people again it will be game on, but as long as he is doing good things for my city I have no beef with him – but Gustavo hangs on to old hurts forever.

    I am glad he is in charge of the OC Weekly but I wish he would get with where Santa Ana is today. Things have changed. Will positive change continue? I hope so. We still have a long way to go…but at least most of the racists that dominated our City Commissions for so long are now gone.

  2. Exploiting the intricacies of an already marginalized ‘minority’ group for personal gain


    Doing it with a pre-meditated sensationalist slant that is continually inflammatory for the sake of being inflammatory, that tends to employ the use of remote facts or occurrences to substitute for the development of an argument, whose tactics bear negligible difference from those of your everyday, run-of-the-mill supermarket tabloid, and whose brand of journalism cumulatively merits a reader’s yellow stamp of dis-approval, rendering it more show than substance.


    Maintaining a trademark grin of self-satisfaction about it all the while


    OC Success

    Got it.

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