Fanaticism, Government, and Power

‘When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.’
-Sinclair Lewis

A friend of mine posted this highly astute quote earlier today and it certainly rings undeniably true, especially so in our country. Rule by the corporation has been the marker of our times, and the religious organization is no different than the corporation.  It may not be deemed a corporation in legal terms, but it if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.

This trend, of a more pronounced influence and theocratic reverence for the religious organization by big government began with Reagan, weakened a bit under Bush I and Clinton, but returned with a vengeance with Bush II. Fascism of this species and caliber is very much alive today, and it’s proven every time a candidate touts this is ‘one nation under God’ while campaigning or forcefully citing specific religious ideologies as the basic motivation behind issues, like abortion, our continuing unflinching support of the Judeo-Christian state of Israel and our compliance and assistance in carrying out the genocide of Palestinians to further their cause, and the concealed and consciously sanitized racism used by rulers in this country to sway the highly fickle American consciousness into allowing and participating in the pillage and plunder of Arab nations that possess resources we have not yet exploited.

Today’s fascism, under Obama’s administration, has not relied on or utilized any specific spiritual or ‘religious’ ideology to further its desires. It comes more from the atheistic tradition of communism, as seen in the Soviet Union, Germany, and China in the past century. Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all defending the government’s use of Judeo-Christian ideology to vindicate its actions. When it comes to using irrelevant ideology I find no difference between the rhetoric and propaganda of the far Christian right, the Zionist Jewish tradition, or the oppressive fanatical Muslim faith. When one surrenders all will and logic and decides to accept scripture literally or the words touted by religious leaders verbatim and then allows this to navigate one’s life instead, it can be said one has been seduced into serving these very religious institutions unconditionally. No different than any Fortune 500 company, religious organizations have well-defined agendas to carry out, and thus employ tactics no different than the corporation, to spin, misinterpret, misinform, and omit facts for the purpose of accomplishing their very Earth-based goals. They know exactly what they are doing, and on top of it all, they are granted immunity from contributing financially to the nation. Free from taxation, but yet, they still lend severe and decisive influence to the nation.

The hope would be that we would perhaps question the motivation behind the idea of not asking of religious organizations what is asked of every citizen. It is no different than the excusing of the corporation when tax time comes, for the religious organization IS a corporation, operating under the radar, with tax breaks, for it helps further society’s somnolence. I am a proponent of the dissolving of taxation on income, but if we still insist on allowing and conspiring with the proponents and enforcers of taxation, equality should be demanded, of all individuals, and each organization, whether ‘faith-based’  or not, should be pressed with no regard for whether they are ‘moral’ institutions or not.  By encouraging deepest devotion from their members, the religious organization often operates by way of fanaticism, and it is this very fanaticism which pulls in the most vulnerable individuals, and which assures large sums of contributions, as a church presents itself as a virtual second home to those it seduces into its grasp.

It is no secret that a great portion of the atrocities committed throughout history, of man hurting man, have been carried out and justified by or in the name of one religious ideology or another. Religion has been one of the essential allies of government in retaining a level of control and subversion over a populace. It has served to grant vindication to acts which would otherwise be condemned by people at large. It is through the obliteration of the personal will of individuals and of their access to free thinking that religious organizations in general are able to deliver a valuable product to government wanting to gain, maintain or curtail power.

Those who come out in defense of one fanatical faction over another are simply sifting through equally putrid practices that exploit followers by way of praying on weaknesses, pinning them against followers of competing religious institutions (the antagonism evident between opposing religious factions proves it is competition, not different than the competition amongst corporations), and extorting them into funding their religious firms and like-minded candidates that will scratch the backs of said religious firms, with promises of eternal retribution or with the threat of eternal damnation for people who choose to do that moronic thing that people tend to do when left alone for too long—thinking.

J. González Solorio

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