Corrupt Pestilence Lingers in Washington

I’ve had an intuitive internal voice that’s sensed the economic downturn we still find ourselves in was carefully engineered some time ago, and the recent findings showing that the members of Congress were not only unaffected by it, but actually benefited financially from the collapse, only help to dissolve any doubt. It is no longer ‘conspiracy theory’ to point out that politicians are people who are capable and many times likely of choosing self-interest over the welfare of their constituents. The recent surrender of the last tier of liberty we possessed as citizens, along with the granting of virtually unquestionable, unlimited power to the federal government are such giant steps in the wrong direction.

A positive light of hope has definitely come with the entire Occupy Wall Street movement and with those growing increasingly frustrated with the current administration and with Congress. The fact that Congressman Ron Paul’s numbers in the polls have been surging steadily over the last months is yet another sign of a mass awakening, that’s absolutely fed up with what’s been done to us, what continues to be done to us, of the lies and growing financial disparity, and of the war that continues to be waged against our Constitution.


J. González Solorio


4 thoughts on “Corrupt Pestilence Lingers in Washington

  1. Ironically, the same party that Paul is running for is in large part responsible for “what’s been done to us.” Paul was a Libertarian and decided to run Republican because of the similarity in thinking in both of those parties, and in my opinion and speaking of self-interest, is on the Republican ticket because he knows the Dems won’t sanction him. So he appeals to the right and ultra right, which is where he generally comes from.

  2. The major difference between Ron Paul and any other GOP candidate, and between he and Obama, actually, is his desire to end the Federal Reserve, and to bring us back to the gold standard. This business of borrowing money that doesn’t exist, of asking the Federal Reserve to print up money out of thin air is a racket with no end. Another difference is his unwillingness to give out handouts, including to the ‘poor banks’, which any of the current GOP candidates would have done, and Obama very willingly did himself. The other major difference is his absolutely non-intervionist platform, which means we would not have waged war not sanctioned by Congress, or I’m sorry, it’s not a war (in Obama’s own words), on Libya, under the guise of ‘freeing people’, when in fact, the reason for that whole charade was that Libya had finally put their foot down and had refused to accept the dollar anymore in their oil industry, and this, being because it is practically worthless, in light of the endless borrowing our ‘leaders’ insist on engaging in. The truth is we would have exited Iraq a whole lot sooner with Ron Paul, and not have been kept there for 8 months as we were, to milk every last drop of oil and run up the war bill just a bit more to make Wall Street and all those financial institutions that handle all that dirty money happy.

    1. I’ll tell you when would have been a better time to exit Iraq. Wait, no we weren’t supposed to be there in the first place but it was another Republican Texan that sent troops into Iraq on a personal vendetta, costing the nation dearly monetarily BEFORE Obama was elected. Let no one conveniently overlook this fact, nor the fact that a Republican congress doesn’t allow Obama to implement changes. Neither should people overlook the fact that the Libyan rebels were backed by the UN, not a unilateral US force. The uprising in Libya came on the heels of the Arab Spring in Egypt and elsewhere. It was born of the Libyan people and not in Washington as you suggest.

  3. I don’t stand up for the brand of ‘conservatism’ that today’s typical welfare-supporting, Fed-schmoozing, warmongering GOP pushes. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate I ever supported, so I don’t stand for what all the other clones want to force down our throats, which is indecipherable from what the great majority of Democrats want as well. I don’t consider Obama any worse than Bush II, but neither do I consider his policies as being any better. His administration has proven to be a mere continuation of the policies begun with Bush II. So Obama may not be the puppet who was assigned to get the racket going, but in the civilian world, he’d be known as an accomplice in the crime.

    Yes, the United States was not the sole backer of the rebellion in Libya. Our involvement there was the latest example of American opportunism. The overthrow of this ‘tyrant’ coincidentally came just when he’d put his foot down to resist the economic subversion the United States waged against them with the ever-weakening dollar. Why did we not intervene in Egypt, if our motives are so pure? There are countless oppressive leaders around the world who do not allow democracy to reign in their region who do not only leave alone, but actually assist, as long as their actions are favorable to American ‘interests’. All that aside, Obama waged this war on Libya without the declaration of war by Congress, which is utterly unforgivable. Bush II began the arrogant cycle of unconstitutional, terror-based rule and decision-making—and I’m referring to terror being utilized by Bush, and now by Obama, to undermine our rights and to enable them to act as they please without question or without being declared the traitors they in fact are. Obama made an oath to protect the United States Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and not only does he not act as defender, but as a matter of fact has acted and continues to act as a leading aggressor against the Constitution.

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