Chivas USA Establishes a Presence in Orange County

Chivas USA recently announced a partnership with elite Orange County youth soccer club United FC. According to their website, the United FC Boys U-17 team is ranked No. 1 in the nation in their league.

Chivas USA’s leadership stated that the partnership with this elite Orange County club is expected to be long term.

This could mean that step by step the club is preparing a move to the county. As we all know by now there is a possibility that Chivas USA will move to Santa Ana.

This is a similar move to the New York Cosmos strategy of finding and investing in a youth talent pool near the area that they expect to move into, in their case either Queens or Brooklyn.

It remains to be seen whether or not Chivas USA will tap into other OC talent pools. The club says that United FC has the best youth soccer model in the county, to the surprise of other reputable clubs like the Fullerton Rangers. The Fullerton club recently formed a pro team to compete in the National Premier Soccer League. This means they’re off Chivas USA’s talent pool list.


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