Network Breakthrough

I’m sure there is better footage of this moment last night, but this man, a veteran, is a true picture of the average patriot who is out there making a statement. Network news has two objectives:

1. Condition the malleable.
2. Upset and disarray the awakened.

I have friends who are clearly awakened, but who tell me they still watch the networks for news and talk shows to see what it is they’re feeding people. I say even doing that is harmful, simply for the reason that it takes time away that could be dedicated elsewhere, somewhere that is worthy of our attention. They may at times seem sympathetic to our needs, but it’s all engineered that way, to make you question if perhaps they are more balanced than you think. Their orders come from the top down, and even the head anchor rarely really knows who is calling the shots, they simply know what it is they can say and what it is that is off limits.

Network news does nothing but paint the growing group of patriots as hippies, drug-users, criminals, and as eccentric weirdos. Those who still rely on television as their primary or only source of exposure to the world are most prone to having the wool pulled over their eyes, in full color, and in stereo, where available. I am sure some heads are rolling this morning for providing a forum for this man. Beautiful.

J. González Solorio


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