Nightmare Looming

If the latest in Washington hasn’t quite wormed its way into at least some corner of your subconscious, lend 11 minutes to ponder a most intriguing, adrenaline-fueled nightmare which becomes all the more possible each day we brood in willful ignorance and apathy. This isn’t the stuff of conspiracy theories anymore, this can quite easily cross that abstract frontier, the dystopian nightmare can soon turn into lucid reality.

We can only benefit by exposing ourselves to these possible scenarios, allowing the gripping shock and awe of such a horrific vision rouse the stuporous and propel us into participation.

J. González Solorio


4 thoughts on “Nightmare Looming

  1. What I get out of this is that they’re suggesting that if things keep going the way they’re going, with clear allusion to Obama’s presidency and potential re-election, the country will be worse off. So they calculate, or make up, the date 2014, which would just happen to be the midway point of a second Obama White House, to scare people into believing that the country will be at its worst point in history midway through Obama II. Ha, I can’t help but take this for nothing more than a scare tactic.

    1. This clip is actually 2 1/2 years old, if you look at the date of the video. I looked at a few of the events running at the bottom of the screen to find a date to plug to the show, and it’s from December 2008, so they were alluding to George W. Bush’s administration.

  2. Ok, so Obama is elected in November of 2008 and a month later this video is made. It’s like they’re setting the stage for the rest of the Obama presidency, which we know turned out to be true. That is, that Republicans were going to resist everything that Obama proposed. This much came true. And then they wonder why we are where we are socially and economically?

    Of course its convenient to pass the blame for everything on the current president and willfully forget that he inherited Bush’s problems.

    I still think these Fox news types are a pack of clucks.

  3. I had to trace the history of our economy over the past 40 years, and I tried to keep this as concise as possible, but hopefully it lays out my point clearly.

    What I was more interested in was that I can foresee this scenario regardless of who would have been coming in as new President the next month. I feel that the path we’re on, on the way to financial collapse, began many years ago, well before these last two Presidents.

    Two major actions by Obama’s administration have fit in with what every President since Nixon has done, and they are the extension of unemployment benefits to a maximum of 99 weeks total, rather than 6 months, and the bailout for banks. The extension of unemployment benefits can be debated, but in any case, it has greatly devalued the dollar. Having The Federal Reserve continue to print up money out of thin air, with nothing backing it simply perpetuates the national debt. The second the bills come off the printing press, interest is owed on the notes to The Federal Reserve. The money helps those who are unemployed, but in the big picture, the nation is simply digging itself deeper and deeper. That aside, the most blatant demonstration of whose interests have taken priority was the bailout, and Obama’s job was mainly to sell the bailout to the nation, and just enough to prevent any breakdown of order in the nation. He was able to do that, but with that action, the wheels of discontent accelerated like never before.

    I definitely agree Obama is not the sole person responsible for the impending financial disaster, but he has not acted any differently than any other President since Nixon. In 1971, the Nixon Shock did away with the direct convertibility of the dollar to gold. That was the beginning of this scheme. It’s more difficult to predict why actions are taken at the moment they go into effect, but in hindsight, I feel it’s very evident this trajectory was layed out 40 years ago, engineered, strictly in the general sense, and leaving some flexibility in the details.

    Nixon set up the path. Carter’s administration saw a major hike in food and oil prices. Though the buzz word of the era was the ‘worldwide drought’, evidence points to a large portion of this inflation being engineered, and we went further down the track, further into debt, getting less for our money. Reagan promised small government, but did the complete opposite, expanding the size exponentially and tripling the federal debt during the course of his two terms. Then came Bush (the 1st) and Clinton, who are more similar than one may tend to think: both cut overall spending, raised taxes, gave central banks more power, and implemented and supported free trade. By the end of Clinton’s second term, the country’s economy was at a peak. I don’t feel it’s any coincidence that from that peak, it was time to begin the demolition of the economy. Going from that peak moment to where we are now is no accident, it has simply been planned this way. It appears the objective of the past decade has been to run the economy to the ground by spending without limit, both the conservatives (Bush the 2nd) and Obama. That’s why the terms Republican and Democrat mean nothing now, I don’t see any difference in the effects Bush (the 2nd) and Obama have had on the economy. Endless war, ‘nation-building’, borrowing endlessly from The Federal Reserve, and the endless expansion of the federal government under both of them are doing us in. There is simply no way out of this debt. Interest is owed on notes the second they’re printed, to an outside bank, The Federal Reserve, and if more people knew it is not a part of the government and that we’re simply borrowing our way into oblivion, there would be a revolution today, and we’d take back the country almost immediately, there is no middle ground. Those who want to continue being enslaved by The Fed are traitors, no ‘buts’ about it. We need to get on the gold standard, start printing our own money, and start taxing The Fed on their transactions to begin the recovery. There’s no other solution, there really is no other solution. It’s not a subjective answer, it’s simple economics, and I wish people would learn about what The Fed is, our dilemma would begin to be resolved if they did.

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