Black Friday

The human mind, in its infinite capacity, resists the introduction of useful knowledge, and this never ceases to amaze me. Were alien beings to touch down on the earth today, perhaps no other arrangement of words would more aptly tell our story. Undeniably many things remain in need of repair and in need of meaningful change, yet the great majority of the time, our apathy, naïvety, and debilitating cynicism exclude us from the contouring of our world, both in our proximate vincinity and as a country and human race. Days like this serve as testaments that help paint an image of where our collective mind is really at, and this is most blatantly and unapologetically exhibited in this country than anywhere else, as it is undoubtedly a beacon for the so-called ‘civilized’ first world. We are figuratively circling the drain, and I can’t help but see it with a serene detachment, for taking our shortcomings and pratfalls personally and allowing them to determine one’s personal happiness simply leads to bitter disillusionment and to carrying around a burden that is much too heavy for one man to haul.


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