Wayward Labyrinth

To know happiness relies on knowing about its absence, for there is no light without darkness. I sense joy is our natural state of being, but long ago we were thrust into a wayward labyrinth which lies to us, which preaches that joy is dealt to the victor who feeds on the weak, which perpetuates itself by way of the slogan, which dictates truth with redundancy and paralyzes humanity with fear, peddles cheap pleasures and even cheaper dreams, and which is hellbent on eradicating boredom in all its forms for all of time, for it’s the bored, receptive, and vulnerable mind that dares to ad lib, create, formulate insight, and question. The labyrinth exists for those who choose to buy it, but I’m not interested, and there are many more of us than will ever be led on by those who have everything to gain by way of that maze.

J. González Solorio


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