Domene Acknowledges Talks with Santa Ana

Chivas USA General Manager José Domene admitted to Major League Soccer’s official website that the club has talked with Santa Ana. The Santa Ana Register reported not too long ago that Domene had no information concerning “formal negotiations” with Santa Ana. The Register did include one of Domene’s statements where he said, “If formality means putting things in writing on what a potential project could be, then I would say yes. “We’ll consider their bid, their options, just like we’ll consider everyone else.”

This is no indicator of a commitment on behalf of the club to move here. This is only a verification of talks, which are still not advanced. The club is still studying options besides Santa Ana, including Pomona and possibly the LA Coliseum area.

Read the original post here. Read the discussion between Andrew Galvin of the Santa Ana Register and José Domene here.


One thought on “Domene Acknowledges Talks with Santa Ana

  1. Thanks for keeping tabs on this issue. There are a certain group of people (a vocal minority) that would like to see this project killed before it even gets started. Who are probably the older residents who didn’t grow up with (and don’t like) soccer. Who are probably supporters of Mater Dei who have enough money to build a football stadium anywhere in the county.

    It would be sad to lose Willowick, but let’s be honest…. it’s the oldest and least patronized golf course in OC. If the property owners decide that they’ve had enough, so be it.

    There is no doubt that a soccer specific stadium anywhere in Santa Ana would bring something to the city that no other building project can: camaraderie.

    My hope is that Chivas USA rebrands upon arrival as to not alienate all the non-Chivas soccer fans in the area.

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