Strengthening the Santa Ana Brand

There was a time when Newport Beach used to promote itself as being near Santa Ana. Now people outside of this town avoid it and speak nothing but negativity about it, as if nothing good ever happens here.

People in this county are ashamed of their political hub, of their historic core.

It’s become taboo to mention or associate with the name Santa Ana. Why call it “John Waye Airport” and not Santa Ana International and use its official airport code SNA?

Why “Pacific Symphony” or “Opera Pacific” (now defunct) while having a mailing address in Santa Ana? Because they’re ashamed of the name.

The people that fled Santa Ana, the older generations and their offspring before my time, went away to curse this city from a distance. Luckily, in modern times there is a newer more ethnically diverse generation, younger than me that comes to this town to breathe life back into it.

These new arrivals that come to enjoy themselves are coupled with new, younger risk-taking business men and women that have faith in this place and are not influenced by the Santa Ana bashing so common around this county.

It is the responsibility of those involved in Santa Ana politics and everyone else to ensure that this city rises again as it did at the turn of the 20th century.


2 thoughts on “Strengthening the Santa Ana Brand

  1. Once upon a time all of central and north Orange County was called and was associated with the name Santa Ana. Santiago de Santa Ana to be more exact. Irvine used to be called Lomas de Santiago, in association with Santiago de Santa Ana. Anaheim and Fullerton were called San Juan Cajón de Santa Ana.

    What happened over time was a deliberate renaming of areas, meant to reflect an Anglo presence. Piece by piece Santa Ana was reduced to the splintered small or mid-sized towns or communities that are today.

    Oh yes, many are ashamed of the Santa Ana name and beyond that, any Hispanic name I bet. This is still evident today. Take for example the naming of Plaza Santa Ana on Fourth and French streets. There was at least one person that wanted to call it French Plaza as if the name French weren’t used enough already.

    It is one of my goals to see this name and town projected far beyond the bashing so common in the Register and those that live in their Orange County bubble communities. So I try to set an example and tell others to do the same in order to prove people wrong. This is why I started this blog, to put forth stories that the Register never did nor had the capacity to do and to demonstrate the cultural sophistication that exists in Santa Ana, that is likely greater here than in other parts of this county.

    So, Santa Ana is sophisticated enough to have the name branded on an airport or a symphony orchestra or an opera company or whatever, but others won’t be convinced no matter how often I tell them this for whatever reasons they may have.

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