Closing Night at the OC Film Fiesta

The OC Film Fiesta ended on a high note on Sunday night at the Yost. Those in attendance were treated to a preview of the movie White Knight, which is still in the film festival circuit, and will get a theatrical release in February.

In attendance were the director of White Knight, Jesse Baget, and White Knight actors Héctor Jiménez (Nacho Libre, Chronicles of Narnia), Olga Segura and Kevin Farley, brother of the late comedian Chris Farley.

Louie Olivos, Jr. was also in attendance accompanied by his wife Macaria “Mickey” Calderón-Olivos, and councilpersons Michelle Martínez and Vince Sarmiento acknowledged the legacy started by the Olivos family at the Yost prior to the screening.

Moviegoers were also treated to surprise guest Miguel Rodarte, a star of contemporary Mexican cinema (Los Pajarracos, El Tigre de Santa Julia) and the protagonist of the movie Saving Private Pérez, which is still in theaters.

The night kicked off with a photo-op for many of the fans in attendance. There was a Q&A after the movie followed by more photo-ops, and a special reception for the cast and crew of White Knight and the OC Film Fiesta at Chapter One to top things off.

Photos by Omar Ávalos


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