Who’s Ward is This?

Willits street divides Wards 4, which is south of Willits, and 5 on the north side (Click here for a Santa Ana Ward map). The intersection on Raitt & Willits is now very congested due to population growth over time and more pedestrians etc. When you couple increased traffic and pedestrians with inconsiderate drivers that don’t give the right of way, or don’t know traffic laws, then you get headaches or the potential for something worse. So it’s time to add traffic lights at this intersection. This intersection has been without traffic lights for over 35 years because it hasn’t needed one, but times have changed and there are more and more cars now.

It is worth noting that there are OCTA bus stops on the north and south sides of Willits which make this a main intersection and stop, but there are no traffic lights.

The new traffic lights at Willits & Sullivan and Raitt & Glenwood certainly do help but Raitt & Willits was overlooked. The intersection falls into the Casa Bonita, in Ward 4, and Bella Vista, in Ward 5, Neighborhood Associations and are represented by council members David Benavides (Ward 4) and Claudia Álvarez (Ward 5). Click here for a map of Santa Ana Neighborhood Associations.

Is this a hot potato or something?

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