Reintroducing, The Santa Ana Register

Kudos to Adrew Galvin of the Orange County Register for picking a most fitting title for Santa Ana’s newest blog, The Santa Ana Register. Many probably don’t know but the Orange County Register started off as the Santa Ana Register, a.k.a. Santa Ana Daily Register, that ran from 1911 to 1952 before the name change. In fact, it was called the Daily Register because of an evening publication called the Evening Blade, published in Santa Ana beginning in 1887.

The historical Santa Ana Register is available on microfilm at the Santa Ana Public Library and the Pollak Library at Cal State Fullerton. History enthusiasts and or interested general public in surrounding cities may check their local libraries for the Santa Ana Register on microfilm. Other historical newspapers are available online usually through college or university libraries but until the historic Santa Ana Register becomes digitized if ever, there are digitized historical photographs of Santa Ana life at the city’s website.

There cannot be a more fitting name for a Santa Ana news source, one that truly honors this city and its history. One hundred years later, the Santa Ana Register is reborn.

(Psst, I purposely left the name alone, wink)


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