Ask Another Mexican… !

Really, you must because for too long people have looked to a sensationalist, stereotypical and controversial view and interpretation of things Mexican. If the OC Weekly is the end all and last say of a Mexican’s point of view (really?), then we as a Mexican-American community, and beyond, have a long way to go. The OC Weekly is far from being an authority and the bottom line on Mexican culture.


6 thoughts on “Ask Another Mexican… !

  1. I think it’s funny how you’ve been bad-mouthing me for quite some time to other people (the walls have ears and tape recorders). Always love it when people waste time over me!

    1. It’s almost flattering that you would bother to comment. You should really carry on wasting your own time how you do best in your column.

      Don’t flatter yourself. I really don’t care enough to waste a breath over you, and now it’s apparent that you can’t take criticism but only gentle strokes to your already inflated ego. Well you have your people for that, don’t hate me because I’m not one of them.

      You can get any criticism or any of my opinions right here, from the original source.

  2. Ah arrogance….the bane of our people…

    Why can’t you be constructive not destructive, carnal? Why can’t you build or improve on “he who has come before”?

    Sadly you are a textbook example of the infighting that has kept us down.

    Your delusional sense of self would be laughable had you not publicized it. I hate to use that trite, trite, very trite saying,”It is better to keep your mouth shut and have everybody think you a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

    1. So be original, if you can, instead of regurgitating rhetoric. And you come here to call me a fool? If you have even bothered to read my older posts, you’ll see that I have criticized constructively. So before you comment, make sure that you’re completely informed. Do I have to remind you of that? You, that has the self-assurance and the nerve to comment as you did? You think that you have truth but you have fallen short.

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