A Case of a Logical Fallacy

DOWNTOWN – A recent problem with a tenant at the Santora building has caused a stir in recent weeks and continues to circulate. Much energy and effort has been made by a feminist collective calling itself “Grrl Fair” to bring wide attention to this matter, to the point of demonstrating at the Santora during the art walk in May.

It now appears that their agenda is to slander the entire building for the accusations made against one. This is a generalization and a fallacy. Their efforts are now no longer that, but instead, attacks.

Their agenda should be to remove one tenant instead of making a malicious public intent to harm the reputations of artists in the Santora with their fallacious generalizations. Their demonstration is better served at the Santa Ana Police Department Headquarters, where their argument now lies. Bringing their act to the Santora does nothing to help their cause.

No harm is done by taking their fair anywhere but the Santora. None at all. The organizers of that event and their visiting guests / demonstrators, because that is what they were upon seeing the multitude of unfamiliar faces during their demonstration, would do better to channel their attacks more specifically (one tenant) and less broadly (all artists and the Santora).

The attempt to garner sympathy from observers, visitors and the apparent interest of the sensationalist “writers” involved with the OC Weekly by attacking the artists and the Santora as a whole is a fallacious generalization, one on which their argument is based on.


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