Preconditioned Distrust

It is commonly accepted that Mexicans are distrustful of government, and rightly so. Is it that those of us that are of Mexican descent, on this side of the border, are also wired or preconditioned to be distrustful of government? Are we preconditioned for insecurity? What is the worry over a perceived gentrification, what is the threat? Tell me, those of you from Santa Ana (if you are born and raised like me), don’t you want an improved image of the city, an improved downtown? Why are some of us followers of an anti-capitalist agenda, and lovers and consumers of a “Rage Against the Machine?”

What more can I say to the naysayers in this city that I haven’t already said before? Instead I’ll repost related articles where I argue in favor of change, of progress.

An Opinion and Response in Defense of the City Council

Reviving a Historic District, Mexican Style

Opinion: Never Cry Foul

Opinion: The Anti-Capitalist Philosophy in Our Midst

What and How Long Will it Take to Revitalize the Historic Core?

Opinion: There Are Plans and There are Detractors

Opinion: The Real Voice of Santa Ana

An Opinion on Election Day in Santa Ana

In Defense of Santa Ana


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