Reviving a Historic Downtown, Mexican Style

There are still some people that say that Santa Ana’s Downtown should remain untouched and unchanged. Santa Ana’s City Council happens to be majority Latino of Mexican descent and there is one voice (Gustavo Arellano) that accuses this council of “Showing the rest of the country that Mexicans can gentrify Mexicans as well as Whites can.” You see the extremism in this statement, the extreme incorrectness that is. Well here’s an example of how to turn a downtown around, a much much larger one in fact, successfully.

As the Downtown changes, as it improves, there are still those that scream foul and accuse people left and right of being racist. The improvements to the Downtown are not about race or pushing out a race of people. I’ll reiterate like I’ve said time and time again: it’s up to the locals to get into the mix and set up shop, your ethnicity doesn’t matter. I can most assuredly tell anyone that cares to read this that no one is pushing me out, for example.


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