An Opinion on Election Day in Santa Ana

Election Day is nearing and I will reiterate what I’ve been writing all along. Firstly, Santa Ana needs the political will to implement its proposed transit projects. The city must continue on a progressive path. It is said that elected officials are put in office to make tough decisions. It is my opinion that some people do not understand the long term benefits of having a street car system and a transit district. This is a project that looks to the future. The city is growing and we already have difficult traffic problems. This rail will connect to Garden Grove and to other Orange County cities, at least getting some cars off of the streets and freeways.

I strongly advocate for continued business growth for the city. This city needs to act like what it really is, the county seat of government and the largest city in the county. And it is still growing. Growth must not be hindered. We are faced with real challenges from surrounding cities that will not stop in trying to attract businesses and government offices.

We do need to build up. We are one of the densest cities, per capita, in the country. I see a rising skyline at Mac Arthur and Main streets and we must not stop there. I say add more to that sky line and connect it to the downtown through a rail or subway. It must connect to the airport (SNA) as well. These are just ideas of where I think the city should go. I share that vision of a transit-oriented Santa Ana.

What this means is that I need a guarantee from either candidate, that this vision, this path that we are already on, will be carried on. What candidate is more likely to see the rail and transit projects through? What troubles me is that Pulido’s challenger and his supporters have said that they don’t want a transit district or railway. Why? Just in order not to award one politician political points?


3 thoughts on “An Opinion on Election Day in Santa Ana

  1. I would definitely vote for someone who implemented a better transportation system. I have been without a car for almost two months now, and have had to keep renting because the public transportation system in Santa Ana is so poor there is no way I could work and go to school without having a vehicle. I vote for a subway system, and I have been to OCTA meetings which put forth such a proposal, but nothing has been done. Perhaps the city of Santa Ana could realize what a massive form of revenue this could be for them if implemented correctly? 🙂

  2. “Santa Ana needs the political will to implement its proposed transit projects.”

    Yeah – but they need to do it in an open and honest way. I don’t think that the creeps on the current SA city council can do that.

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