In Defense of Santa Ana

I am directing this at the readership of the Orange County Register and the OC Weekly. To anyone who has ever slandered and made generalizations about my town and my people, which some of the readers of these publications are so quick to do:

To whom it may concern and for those that truly care about Santa Ana like myself, if we are going to improve and turn this place around we need the absolute best and brightest minds we can get. That also means those of us from here that have something to give back.

To those of you that don’t care to be part of the solution, make way, get out, or stay out. You’re not welcome here.

The last thing that I and my town need is an anonymous coward parading his or her ignorance for the world to see. That is, anyone who comments for the purpose of slander or to influence public opinion, this one’s for you.


3 thoughts on “In Defense of Santa Ana

  1. If Santa Ana is so great – why is it the murder capitol of Orange County? – see your 2 posted articles below.

    SAPD needs to insert neighborhood sub-stations in strategic areas of the city. Get out of their patrol cars – ride bikes or Segways – walk, whatever. Work closely with the residents.

  2. Matt Coker of the OC Weekly reported that the woman that I mentioned in the article titled “More Trouble in Ward 5,” died of natural causes. It was not a murder. How she ended up near that rescue mission is anybody’s guess.

    As far as your qualifying of Santa Ana as the “murder capitol,” this is a bigger city with bigger problems, real-world problems. The incident at the bakery on Edinger and Center streets was over drugs. I don’t expect people on the outside to comprehend this point. I know that it must be very enthralling for people outside of here to watch “the real housewives of the oc” or “the oc” or the “housewives of laguna” or whatever these shows are, and to escape into this idealized view of “The OC” where nothing bad ever happens and where everyone is so self-righteous because they think they can be. I’m not saying that this is your case, esteemed reader.

    Drugs… what an insatiable demand this country has for drugs. Is this not true? A result of this is the vicious drug war in Mexico. Then there is the violence that spills over here. Is this a surprise? I’m not surprised to see outsiders come into Santa Ana to get their fix. So it’s okay to have that underground element so long as it stays in one place apparently. How is this different to bootlegging during the prohibition? It’s just as hypocritical. Just like it’s okay to have undocumented workers fire up the grills and cook and clean up posh “foodie” hang outs so long as they stay in the back and out of sight. Oh, and so long as the cooks and the maids stay in Santa Ana, for example. That’s what really is going on.

    Santa Ana is apparently good enough or “great” enough, using your word not mine, to continue doing business here. Correct?

    I will concede that you do have a sound piece of advice concerning SAPD.

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