More Trouble in Ward 5

Kate Linthicum of the LA Times reports that a disabled woman was found dead this morning near 1st and Center streets. This death is being treated as a potential homicide because of the nature of her wounds.

This story may go unnoticed, or it may not be given enough importance to, if not for the fact that it occurred at a part of town where there is continuous crime. 1st and Center streets are near the old rescue mission near 1st and Daisy streets, where there still are transients and drug pushers loitering on any given day or evening.

I brought this to the attention of at least two council members, one of them being the representative of Ward 5. I don’t know how well the Ward 5 representative knows this ward, but I’ve seen what goes on near that area; people trying to flag me down to sell me drugs as I drive by, and now a murder.

If it were up to me, I’d put police there and stamp out those pushers for good. Take note.

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