Santa Ana Film Fiesta Day 8

The Santa Ana Film Fiesta resumed today at Calacas, a Mexican chuchería store, inside of the historic West End Theater on the corner of 4th & Birch streets. Today’s feature, Enamorada, was preceded by a set of short films including Tijuaneros, by Chapman University Film School graduate Paul Bobadilla, the very brief SNM by Daniela De Carlo, and The Floorwalker, a short silent film starring Charlie Chaplin dating to 1916. This last film is found in the collection, The Chaplin Mutual Comedies.

Part of the reason for selecting the West End Theater to screen a Chaplin movie was because Chaplin is said to have performed at this theater according to Sandra Peña, the event organizer. It is known that his silent films were screened at the Yost Theater, also in Downtown Santa Ana, at the east end. The screening of Chaplin films at the Yost is verifiable through research of the Santa Ana Register, a historical newspaper which is available on microfilm at the Santa Ana Public Library. It is possible that Chaplin performed at the Yost, but this is only verifiable by searching through the Santa Ana Register using a date range that predates the start of movie screenings there.

The Historic West End Theater in Downtown Santa Ana

The afternoon’s feature was Enamorada, a story of love between separate social classes, set during the Mexican Revolution (1910-20). María Félix is the daughter of a landowner and Pedro Armendáriz is a general in the rebel army.


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