Santa Ana Film Fiesta Day 5

The Yost Theater was the venue for yet another classic movie, Viva María!, a French language musical comedy and production. Bridget Bardot is featured as a castaway-turned burlesque dancer and singer in a traveling vaudeville troupe. The movie is set in “Central America.” It never defines the setting outright as Mexico, but it is very obviously influenced by the Mexican Revolution and has Mexican Spanish spoken in it, as well as Mexican actors. It clearly is influenced by and takes place during that revolutionary war.

The Mexican Revolution is given a humorous treatment in the movie. Bardot and her fellow performer travel throughout Mexico as entertainers and are later swept into the war after one of the dancers falls in love with a revolutionary leader. It becomes this leader’s dying wish for that dancer to continue the struggle and she does. She ends up leading the entire vaudeville troupe into the war as well, with every performer contributing somehow to the cause.

Wednesday night was also the pre-opening reception at Eibar Coffee Co. which is behind the Yost Theater on French street in between 3rd & 4th streets. It’s right behind where the Ritmo Latino used to be for you locals. They’re slated to be fully operational during daytime hours starting Monday Sept. 13.

Ignacio, Marilyn, the Lambretta, and the Roaster

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