Santa Ana Film Fiesta Day 4

The Yost Theater and the OC Film Fiesta in Santa Ana received a special visit tonight from Louie Olivos, Jr., whose family once owned The Yost Theater where they showcased Classic Mexican Cinema, like tonight’s film. Louie is still active and dedicated to the acting troupe he founded, Los Actores de Santa Ana.

The Yost Theater reopened its doors tonight as a house of Classic Mexican Cinema with tonight’s feature, La Cucaracha, a film starring a bevy of actors of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema including María Félix, Dolores del Rio, Emilio Fernández, Ignacio López Tarso, Antonio Aguilar, and Pedro Armendáriz.

The story entails a love triangle set against the backdrop of the Mexican Revolution. Antonio Zeta (E. Fernández), a colonel under General Francisco Villa, falls for two women; Isabel (Del Rio) and a soldadera nicknamed “Cucaracha” (Félix). A rivalry ensues between the two women but they ultimately both end up losing him to the Revolution.


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