Santa Ana Film Fiesta Day 3: Arráncame la vida

Tonight’s feature was Arráncame la vida, a period piece that takes place just after the Mexican Revolution starring Ana Claudia Talancón (El crimen del Padre Amaro, Ladies Night, El cometa) and Spanish-born yet thoroughly Mexicanized actor Daniel Giménez Cacho (Nicotina, Asesino en serio, Vivir mata).

The movie begins with a symphonic piece of music known as Danzón No. 2 by Mexican composer Arturo Márquez. The work is a modern classic and is a favorite of a number of conductors including Sonia Marie de León de Vega of the St. Cecilia Orchestra in Los Angeles and Gustavo Dudamel of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Fragments of Danzón No. 2 occur throughout the movie and it becomes a unifying theme for it.

Arráncame la vida entails the story of a young woman that is whisked away by an aggressive and aspiring politician, that later on turns out to be a womanizing failure and cheat. His political ambition leads him to assassinate political rivals and dissenters. He later abuses his power to murder his wife’s lover, a symphony orchestra conductor who becomes her great love in life.

Arturo Márquez, Composer

Now I’m no Siskel or Ebert but I do know a thing or two about Mexican Cinema, ever since I became an avid collector of newer (and classic) movies years back. It was that inclination that led me to get involved with the last Latino Film Festival in Santa Ana, anyway, I give this flick two thumbs up.


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