The Santa Ana Film Fiesta Kicks Off, Behind Schedule

The initial movie, 42nd Street, was set to begin at 5:15 pm, instead it is at least 15 min behind schedule as I write this. What’s the hold up? Are they waiting for the rest of City Council to get here? Three council members have shown so far, and a mayoral candidate just entered the room.

The opening screening was held at the Old Orange County Courthouse in Downtown Santa Ana. In attendance were Santa Ana City Council members Vince Sarmiento, whose law office is a sponsor of the festival, Michelle Martínez of Ward 2, Claudia Álvarez of Ward 5, and Sal Tinajero of Ward 6. Also in attendance were City Manager David Ream and mayoral candidate Alfredo Amezcua.

A skit took place to kick off the festivities with Sandra Sarmiento and someone dressed as Bebe Daniels, the silent film actress of yesteryear, in which they welcomed and saluted the invited dignitaries. The night had a Bebe Daniels theme to it, as she appeared in 42nd Street. She also had a run-in with Sheriff Theo Lacy on one of her trips to Santa Ana and spent time in jail here, therefore the actress in Bebe Daniels attire. The flick was hence shown at the very place that she was jailed at.


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