In Defense of the Santa Ana City Council

This is a comment that I made in response to a recent article by writer Gustavo Arellano. The original article is found here.

Gustavo, don’t cry foul over a perceived threat in Santa Ana. I heard a white guy say the other day that the “white man is taking over Santa Ana again.” And, what is a Mexican to do or say about it? I told him that I’m making sure to tell the Mexican people in place, at different generational levels, to get a piece of the business opportunities downtown before they’re gone. It is crucial for second generation Mexican-Americans, that is, those born here to come into the business class. The way for them to feel a sense of ownership over their city, and the downtown, is to be the people that create jobs by owning more businesses.

Beyond that, I believe that more people of Mexican descent need to start thinking of owning the commercial real estate around town. Have I said too much? Is this too radical for some? I may get stoned for this.

Lastly Gustavo, how exactly is a Mexican supposed to think and act? The government of Mexico City also tried to improve their historic core, and they did, by moving street vendors to a different area. Are they also self-hating Mexicans now?

No Gustavo, they’re all, we’re all of Mexican descent. It’s a matter of improving the historic core. I will be very truly saddened to see that there won’t be more Mexican business owners in the downtown. That could happen if WE don’t get in there to set up shop. It really is up to US.

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