The Santa Ana Film Fiesta is Set to Kick Off, September 4th

It’s been five years since there was a Latino film festival in Santa Ana. The last time around it was organized by Manuel “Manny” Saldívar, who is still active in filmmaking and does booking for the Friday night show at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club on Melrose. For more info on the film festivals done in 2004 and 2005 click here.

This year’s film festival is organized by Sandra “Pocha” Peña Sarmiento and falls in line with the City’s plans to celebrate the Mexican Bicentennial through various documentaries concerning Mexican migration into Orange County and tales of the Revolution of 1910 to name some themes.

The event runs from September 4 to 19 at different venues in the Downtown including the Old Orange County Courthouse, Fiesta Marketplace, Teatro Fiesta, The Yost Theater, and Original Mike’s Restaurant.

For more info visit the Santa Ana Film Fiesta website.


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