Opinion: Breaking Ground on One Broadway Plaza

One Broadway Plaza is an ambitious project, albeit one with setbacks. This is likely the case with any project of this scope. There will be negative impacts on the immediate surroundings, especially with traffic. Our current transportation infrastructure, that is our freeways, already cannot mitigate the immeasurable amount of traffic congestion that we have, especially around rush hours. The argument is made that OBP will create jobs and economic growth and while that is true, it is going to paralyze traffic on the 55 freeway and the junctions in central Orange County, that is, Santa Ana. I wrote in another opinion piece that the proposed Santa Ana fixed guide way ought to be in place before the tower is built in order to facilitate traffic and to provide an alternative form of transportation into central Santa Ana, where there are many visitors and employees of the County of Orange.

This tower may turn out to be the catalyst for finally breaking ground on the fixed guide way project. Politicians and OCTA take note of this; if this tower breaks ground the rail needs to immediately follow suit.

Let’s hope that Mike Harrah can deliver on his word this time.


3 thoughts on “Opinion: Breaking Ground on One Broadway Plaza

  1. The challenge will be driving between this monstrosity and the freeway at peak driving times in less than 1/2 hour.

    Question – Will residents of surrounding neighborhoods engage in civil disobedience by erecting do-it-yourself traffic barriers to prevent drive through traffic? I predict yes they will.

  2. It seems that the city council did a rush job in approving the changes in the building plan. The Register reported that the city agreed to give the developer time to study traffic impacts and solutions.

    How soon will the developer produce traffic solutions? Harrah said that he can start breaking ground by the end of this year. Does that give him enough time to provide an effective solution to traffic? It doesn’t seem likely.

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