The Anti-Capitalist Philosophy in Our Midst

There is a troublesome trend, or a philosophy, in the city that has been festering for years now. I have come across youth that regurgitate anti-capitalist rhetoric abundantly and redundantly. There is the one case of the young man who sought to call to people’s attention, including my own, the need to take care of matters in Chiapas and Africa, all the while denouncing the capitalist model as a whole, “because it is the cause of all of the world’s problems and poverty.” But there is a much more urgent and immediate matter; the need to take care of the immediate surroundings, the local community and its economic well-being.

Denouncing the entire capitalist model is a destructive way of thinking. While it is true that the free market system has spawned greedy corporations, it also allows for the spawning of small businesses. So there is capitalism at macroeconomic and microeconomic levels. It is incorrect to dismiss the whole system because of a few greedy large corporations.

How does this apply to Santa Ana? Our city needs microeconomic grassroots solutions, that is, more small businesses and franchises particularly in areas that are more economically depressed, like the downtown.

Sadly, there are think tanks in the city that churn out radicalized, anti-capitalist youth. It is to the point, depending on who you talk to, that the word capitalism is as demonized as the word communism was during the Cold War.

There need to be think tanks that counteract the spawning of radicalized, anti-status quo youth. It is okay to criticize and to get involved in the political process, but it is not okay to churn out anti-capitalist youth zombies that jeopardize our city’s economic well-being. Turn them to business and teach them to be leaders, not followers of an anti-capitalist philosophy.


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