Opinion: There are Plans and There are Detractors

The City Council’s recent vote on June 7th allowing for the development of a transit-oriented community was a victory for the City, in the face of a group of detractors that wanted to stall the vote in order to hand the City’s Mayor and council a defeat prior to the upcoming elections. It is known that there are dissenting voices that do not go along with whatever the city plans, whether it is a light rail, or residential towers, or anything else. A number of detractors have come out in this election year to find anything they can to defame the city’s governing body and to simply not allow progress to take place. It seems that it is not okay for the current council to propose anything so long as there are long-standing and familiar faces on the council. To challengers I ask, are you running for progress or are you running for your own political career’s sake? Because I care far more about the city’s progress than about your aspiring political career.

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