Santa Ana Needs the Political Will to Implement its Proposed Transit Projects

It seems to me that politics are about what regime awards the contracts. Nothing will change even if Pulido is removed. If there is a change in the city council, the new council will get slandered for their decisions concerning the awarding of contracts.

My main concern is whether or not a new council will continue the process and the progress that has been made so far, because progress has been made, or will it dismantle that progress and cause the city to stagnate. I agree that the city will boom because of the projects that are planned, and that there needs to be an improved transportation infrastructure to mitigate new and increased traffic (it is already very bad). There is at least one rapid bus project expected for Bristol street and this along with any other rapid bus lines would well serve Santa Ana’s transit needs in combination with a fixed railway. Santa Ana isn’t alone in supporting this project because it is one that LA’s Metropolitan Transit Authority also wants. Let’s get it done, whomever the mayor and council will be.


2 thoughts on “Santa Ana Needs the Political Will to Implement its Proposed Transit Projects

  1. Well put introduction. And that is how it is. Common sense programs are derailed by political jocking for positions and the opportunity to benefit from the positions. Some representatives have some common sense. And then you have those who by their record represent the interest of a few but very powerful people that are content with their own fortune, but never thinking of the big picture and the people whom live in it. Not caring that by their very obstructionism it suppresses the good will of the city.

    The rail project from downtown, to the metro/Amtrak, and then to the high-speed rail is just common sense planning for “the Cities and the People’s” interest.

    It would be blue collar and white collar worker’s, student’s, single parent’s, low-income families, tourist, entertainment seekers and the like that will use it. Maybe the high flying elite don’t care because they already have plush means of transportation. But working class citizen’s, lower-income family’s and student’s should have the choice and means necessary to get to where they need to go without having to buy a car. Which perpetuates the pollution problem.

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